How To Get Online Opportunities With Or Without A Website

How To Get Online Opportunities With Or Without A Website


There is a possibility that you don’t have a website yet because of some other financial commitments. All hope is not lost. Here are few ways you can get ahead or get online opportunities without having a website.

Helpful platforms that can bring you online opportunities.

Once you have internet connection on your phone and you can browse there are a number of ways you can get online opportunities without having a website. All it requires is only some effort and commitment on your part.

  • Make the best use of your Linkedin

Linkedin is a platform filled with huge online opportunities. And one of the keys to success on linkedin is to keep others abreast about your progress in terms of lessons learnt in the workplace or journey to success.

Success is what it is for different people. For some success is getting a new client who is interested in buying into your business. While for others success is getting a new job. Success could also mean acquisition of a degree. Here are few steps to maximize opportunities on Linkedin :

1. Update your profile : Each time I update my linkedin profile in line with a new skill I have acquired I get multiple interviews and opportunities.

2. Share your story : Telling stories about your competencies is also important to keep people interested in what you have to offer.

You can do this by sharing new skills you have just acquired via your updates.

3. Remind followers about your competencies : A linkedin profile that talks about what you do in the best way possible is key to gaining opportunities on the platform.

4. Increase your connection base : Following people in your circle of interest in equally good if you need to have many connections and for learning purposes. You have the opportunity of learning more and occasionally some share with you job opportunities.

Sometime last year I connected with a professional in field and he ended up calling me to share a job opportunity which I took advantage of.

In my experience also, people actually connect back if you connect with them. This way you can have more contacts and increase your chances of success.

  • List your business on free or paid directories

When your ideal customer is making a search on google there are a number of well ranked directories online that show up especially if you do not have a website or your website is not well optimized.

If your business is listed on such, there is a chance of you getting more leads or clients. I needed to buy cake sometime June last year in a particular part of the country. After I queried google I was led to a particular directory. The owner of the business doesn’t even have a website.

But having listed the business on a directory served as an advantage. A very well built online directory can make users or prospects easily identify and contact you.

Online directories have a great role to play in the profitability of business that is why a lot of service providers leverage on these digital yellow pages to gain advantage in this very competitive business world.

  • Make your website work for you by doing the following.

It is of a truth that without having a website you can make some headway as a brand. It is also a statement of fact that there are some partners or investors you will never get without securing a business or even personal website.

Your website should beautifully describe your competencies, values and stories. It is also important that you use keywords that represent the services you desire to rank for on search engines.

This is key as you write your blog posts. Writing educative and inspiring blog posts are ways you get your website google or search engine friendly and rank better.

The idea is to write stories in line with the keywords you want to rank for. This gives you opportunity to mention your competencies as often as possible.

If you want to be known as a thought leader as financial analyst for example, you are required to make mention of the word “financial analyst” to make up the required word count for the keyword you need to rank for to keep up with search engine optimization standards. Also your write up should contain at least 300 words. That is just one of the ways to rank high on google.


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