Mobile Apps


The mobile apps era is here! No need to consult a crystal ball to ascertain this. Major service providers from banks to even mailing platforms now boast of a mobile app to make life easier for their customers. It is a part of the culture now to leverage on different mobile applications to get things done. Infact, mobile apps offer better personalized and user experience in a way a website doesnt.

Culture evolves overtime. And this is where development and IT evolution has brought us. Very soon the slogan wil be “go the mobile app way or get left behind as a brand”. That slogan is even a reality now. But sooner than later there will be a huge gap in terms of revenue and customer engagement between brands that make use of mobile apps and those that do not.

Researches done by Oracle and MobileSmith showed that 60% of users prefer leveraging on mobile apps to buy online. I have different banking applications personally and instead of going the way of “internet banking” I use my banking mobile applications for payments and transfers. In actual fact can’t remember the last time I used a URL in accessing banking applications.

One of the advantages of mobile apps is that it can perform various features of a native device. Some make use of a camera that can scan PFDs, QR and Bar codes and NFC to use for payments. If your goal is to get ahead of your competitors and provide a better experience for your customers, then investing in a mobile app is not only a wise option but also the way forward for your brand. We build apps for churches, newspaper vendors, hotels etc