Use these seo tactics to attract more visitors to your website


Do you want your website to attract as many as 10000 visitors every month ?

There are seo tactics you need to master for your website to make it to google front page.

Do you want your website to attract 10,000 visitors every month?

Obviously the answer will be a definite yes from everyone. If your website appears on the front page on google or search engines that improves your chances of getting more sales for your business.
You will be able to generate more leads or prospects.  For that to happen your service or product should:

  • Provide an answer to somebody’s problem.

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The reason why google for example attracts many visitors is because they have solutions to so many problems. If education is important to you this search engine has the answer. Google is useful to both youths and adults. Regardless of your age google is your friend.

Komedia NG for example provides IT related services and branding solutions for companies. And on this website you get to learn tips about how you can improve on your business.

So we offer some kind of value and render certain services to tackle some particular business challenges. Clients reach us to improve their image online or for reputation management purposes.

The perception of prospects about your brand matters. And we try to create portfolios that mirrors the value you are rendering.

  • Be search engine friendly. 

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Your website needs to be well built and beautiful. So you need to be sure of the expertise of your web developer or web designer so you could have a website you can be proud of.

Also, you have to play by seo or search engine rules to rank high on google so you avoid their hammer landing on your web page.

There are black hat seo tactics which doesn’t square with search engine guidelines. Such methods are to be avoided if you want your website to be high up there for as long as possible.

Here are few ways your website can be search engine friendly –

1. Do a proper keyword research so these keywords can be made use of in your blog posts

2. Ensure your website is mobile phone friendly or responsive.

3. Website images are to be well optimized also; each image should be less than 200kb.  The smaller the better.

The image dimension I use most times are never beyond 1200 by 500 also.

4. Use internal links well enough on your pages.

5. Leverage on seo crawling tools that can detect errors on your websites and suggest possible solutions that will improve the quality of your pages before search engines.

Making use of the above seo tactics will give your website a lift up the search engine rankings.


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